Our Products

Apex’s engineers have designed many industry-driven products owned by businesses that have underwritten its development. In addition, Apex has also invested in wholly owned solutions available to other companies.

Apex management team is constantly looking for projects to invest and support long-term. Have an idea that’s worth exploring? Contact us and let’s talk about its viability in the marketplace.

Some current and past products:

  1. DrillWell – morning report system for the oil and gas industry. Data is collected in the field and sent to a central Microsoft SQL database where information is disseminated into various reports, charts and spreadsheets.
  2. iLandMan – allows oilfield landmen to enter field data, time sheets, leasing information etc. into an online database that can be used by the oil companies to make business decisions about where to drill and what land needs to be acquired. GIS Mapping is also produced from the data for visual representation of the information gathered.
  3. USWORKBASE – designed for state and private agencies who receive federal funding that helps displaced workers find new careers. Tracking of grants, participant information, summary reports and other accounting metrics are produced in a secure online SQL Database.

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