Our Approach

Prior to Project

Apex’s methodology for understanding needs has proven results. All projects start with an Initial Consultation. Once both parties determine there is a good fit between your needs and our abilities, a formal Needs Assessment is conducted. Results are formalized into a Scope Document outlining all specific requirements including Design Considerations and Milestone Deliverables. Once the Scope Document is approved, a Formal Proposal is presented to successfully complete the work with.

Project Plan

Once both parties agree to the turnkey or T&E proposal, a Project Manager is assigned. Apex’s PM will be your main contact ensuring that deliverables meet expectations. As the project’s scope changes, a supplemental proposal is created for the new work. Q/A is constantly conducted in-house and your team will also be part of the Q/A process.

Post Project

Once project deliverables match expectations, long-term support options including online and phone support are available. As needs change, modifications to the solution are expected and welcomed. When this happens, we start the process over and make the project more relevant to your current goals.

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