Our Services

Software Services

Apex engineers can often modify existing software solutions used by your company. New features, reports, interfaces etc. can often be created to help you utilize your current software of choice more effectively.

Product Development

Taking an idea and creating a new product is our specialty. Perhaps you have been thinking about a better way to record, report and graph information that can be securely viewed by those with rights? Perhaps you need to consolidate spreadsheets into a completely new application? Contact us and let’s explore some ideas.

Mapping Interfaces

GIS software can be complex and cumbersome. Apex can create custom map overlays in Microsoft Silverlight that show exactly the data you want displayed or hidden with a button click. Many other features can be added to meet your specific needs without having to become GIS experts.

Tailored Training

We love to share our expertise and have logged many class days doing so. Our approach to training is based on your specific needs and skill levels as discovered through interviews and surveys. Once needs are assessed, like skilled personnel are grouped, training material is chosen and half or full day classed are held at your facilities or elsewhere.

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