Our Products

Apex’s engineers have designed many industry-driven products owned by businesses that have underwritten its development. In addition, Apex has also invested in wholly owned solutions available to other companies.

Apex management team is constantly looking for projects to invest and support long-term. Have an idea that’s worth exploring? Contact us and let’s talk about its viability in the marketplace.

Some current and past products:

  1. SmartRent – apartment rental tracking software. Property managers track tenants, assets, leases etc for standard reports then link the numbers to QuickBooks for detailed accounting.
  2. BJ Services Morning Report – field service engineers gather information from jobs on their laptops, then download the information once the jobs are finished. Standard reports are produced which are sent to various personnel and clients.
  3. DataMapper - a work in progress that allows companies to convert data of one type into a different data type so that the information can be useful in other software applications.
  4. KPI Gateway – another work in progress that uses the DataMapper to produce Key Point Indicator (KPI) matrices in a graphical format easily read and understood by all levels of management. Ad-hoc categories can be created by users with Best Practices viewed in executive dashboards for weighed results.
  5. Train Trax – allows training companies to track classes taken by students, reporting summary results and flagging managers regarding expired certifications plus new group classes needed.
  6. Synthetic Mud Reporter – created for the American Petroleum Institute (API), the “Apex Software” is used by large oilfield service companies to report mud retention on cuttings from the drilling process.

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